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Monthly Challenges

Join our monthly challenges that'll inspire your food choices and dive into the topic of the month! Each month, we'll cover new topics, providing you with carefully curated meal plans, convenient shopping lists, and invaluable tips and tricks.

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May's focus is 


Maintaining gut health is vital as it plays a crucial role in digestion, nutrient absorption and immune function. A balanced gut microbiome promotes overall well-being, contributing to better digestion, enhanced nutrient uptake and a stronger immune system.

* example topic

What to expect...

In-depth meal plans to help you keep organised and committed to eating healthily.

Weekly challenges to keep focused throughout the month.

Informative resources on the topic of the month

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Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed easily? Especially when it comes to preparing meals in the kitchen? Then this program is just for you! The program dives into minimising time in the kitchen whilst still ensuring you're getting the health benefits.

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Weekly challenges
Meal Plans
Informative nutritional advice
Tips & tricks
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