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Look good, feel great!

Supportive community of like-minded women who get you.

Workouts you can do anywhere with no equipment - express 15 min workouts for those days when 30 mins isn't possible.

Feel more confident in your body.

Release your happy hormones.


  • Over 1,000 pre-recorded category-specific workouts that can accessed at any time.

  • ​Weekly classes streamed live on Zoom.

  • ​Bonus 1 - FB group exclusively for members. You can view our tutorial videos and keep up with studio news.

  • Bonus 2 -  WhatsApp group for members where like-minded women can motivate each other and share advice. Whilst also getting updates regarding scheduled classes.

Choose from three packages

3 classes per week £58

2 classes per week £48*

1 class per week £36

*our most popular package


Face to Face Classes, in our beautiful studio in Hadleigh, Suffolk. These classes are designed to help you burn fat, have fun and tone up. The classes are all low impact to be kind to your joints. All classes are maximum 12 participants so I am able to guide you and give you alternatives where needed.

  • SH1FT - Cardio Conditioning

  • ZUMBA - Dance away the fat & have fun

  • L1FT - Weights and Cardio

  • M1ND - Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Balance & Mobility

  • PILATES - Mat Pilates to Strengthen Your Core

  • KETTLERCISE - Kettlebell Training for Ultimate Fat Burning

Bonus 1 - Free Workshops

Bonus 2 - Monthly Healthy Recipes, with shopping lists to keep you on track with easy to prepare meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Bonus 3 - Access to all the online recorded and zoom classes, worth £39 per month.

Bonus 4 - Free tea, coffee, squash & healthy snacks.

​12 week Nutrition & Fitness Support Package only £299


  • Unlimited Face to Face or Online Fitness & Pilates Classes

  • On-demand specialised weight loss fitness class library

  • Weight loss meals and recipes

  • Weekly face to face meetings for goal setting, weigh in and accountability

We work through 3 phases:-

We start with Phase 1 FOUNDATION - Get ready to forget what slimming clubs have told you in the past, this is real info to help you learn

  • HOW - food effects your mood, mind and body. 

  • WHY - we eat what we do, even when we know we shouldn't.

  • WHERE - when you are out and about or on holiday, what to eat to keep you feeling amazing.

  • WHEN -its not just what you eat but when too. Learn about Intermittent Fasting and Intuitive Eating. how food effects our mind and body.

Then we move into Phase 2 ACCELERATION - we take what you've learnt in the first 4 weeks and apply it with a fun 4 week challenge.

  • Don't drink you calories

  • Add a green smoothie to your day

  • Ditch the "white" stuff

  • Dairy is for Cows!

Now we move into Phase 3 MAINTENANCE - we learn how to apply everything we know to move forward to a happier & healthier you. With a better understanding of how food manufacturers trick you! Over coming guilt and negative feelings about yourself, understanding the foods that will make you feel amazing.

Like the sound of what you've just read? Come join BossBody Fitness now and kickstart your fitness journey. You won't regret it! 

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